A Lifeline From God

A Lifeline From God
A Lifeline From God

“A Lifeline From God” is already helping many people around the world suffering from depression, illness, loneliness and a multitude of other issues.

This book is also helping many people struggling with, or wanting to develop, their faith.

The words you’ll find in this book are the exact same words given to me by my mother, and given to my mother by God.
Added to these words are many beautiful photographs, which help to create an inner peace as you reflect and meditate on them.

But don’t just take my word for it…

You can download a few pages by clicking here…

Your FREE demo pages will be sent directly to your inbox… so you can browse through them at your leisure before deciding whether you want to buy the book or not.

The free pages are yours to keep whatever you decide, as a gift from me.

God bless,



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