A Lifeline From God
A Lifeline From God

A Lifeline From God

A Lifeline From God is a Christian Book that will inspire, comfort and encourage anyone who is suffering through the loss of a loved one, through illness or loneliness and will help all who want to strengthen their faith.

The words in “A Lifeline From God” are a gift from God, given to my mother during times of darkness and depression following the death of my father. The creation of this Christian book came about by God’s work within me, after reading my mother’s words at a time of crisis for myself. Our hope is that this Christian book will inspire, comfort and encourage many people throughout the world during their own times of despair.

With God’s will, it will do just that.

The testimonies below say far more about this Christian book than I could, so I’ll leave you to read them and judge for yourself whether this book is for you.

As I compiled the pictures within this Christian book, I believe God helped and inspired me. There were times when I lost patience and focus, but God calmed me and led me in the right direction.

A Lifeline From God is a collection of comforting words from God combined with calming and inspiring photography.

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Bishop David Carr OBE
Bishop David Carr OBE

I have known Lily Jones for some years now and even though she has been through times of great trial, sadness and personal loneliness, she has been an outstanding encourager to me as her Pastor and to all that she seeks to serve.

This book of thoughts, prayers and verse typifies her personal walk with God.

If Lily can make it through the trials of life and sickness we can all find solace in God.

Bishop David E Carr OBE
Senior Minister
Regional Overseer Free Methodist Church

Pastor John Wilkinson
Pastor John Wilkinson

The book of revelation tells us that the Lord said to John, “Write what you see.” To Lily, one night He said, “Write what you hear”.It was when she felt at her lowest that God’s grace flowed and He spoke the divine words of comfort contained within this book.

These divine words of God were a lifeline for Lily.

Over the years I have spoken to many who have lost loved ones, who are going through a valley of grief, loneliness and depression. I feel that those who find themselves in similar circumstances could, by reading and meditating on these verses, find new hope, a new life, a new beginning and a faith knowing nothing is impossible with God.

Pastor John Watkinson
Renewal Christian Centre

Nigel Tween
Rev Nigel Tween

Thank you for the prophecies the Lord has given to you… They have all the marks of God speaking – WONDERFUL!

Some words are for personal encouragement and to build faith. Some are for public edification.

I know God is doing mighty work in you…

Be encouraged; God has a special season of blessing just ahead for you.

Rev Nigel Tween
Regents Theological College
(Director of Training, Elim Pentecostal Church)

It is a pleasure to sit and read the manuscript of “A Lifeline From God” and I believe it is refreshing for the soul. At the time Lily was receiving the lifelines, I was aware of how God was using them to bring hope and light into her life again. Lily herself, is a testimony of God turning the darkness into day again!

I believe that all who read this book will be similarly encouraged by “A Lifeline From God”. God throws out a lifeline to us at our darkest moments – my prayer is that this book will be used to bring about transformations in peoples lives.

Pastor Les Evans
Tipton Christian Centre

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Keith Jones
Lily Jones